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My Mision

My experience at your service

Tango is much more than just a is music, history, it is art, a language, it is a dance that has evolved, it is a popular culture, it is ENDLESS AND IT IS A PASSION!!!​

On this website I share with you my learning and evolution process (which has been my profession) for 15 years.

I combine my experience as a dancer and Tango teacher, Yoga Instructor, Burlesque teacher with my acting experience and what I learned as a filmmaker, to offer you an online library (ordered by themes and categories, divided into levels) of videos, podcasts, texts, which include technique exercises, Yoga classes, Physical conditioning, Flexibility, Anti-stress routines (relaxation, meditation), history, tango music classes and lyrics, book suggestions, etc. so that my learning process, this lifestyle, helps yours too.

I associate with the best professionals in each area to complement this project.

My goal is to share this lifestyle in the learning process.

You can choose or combine the training plans that fit better for you according to your needs and your level.


My vision

Dancer -
Yoga Teacher 

At the age of 9 I began to study classical dance. At 11 I added Argentine folklore dances, guitar, piano, acting.

I studied Film Direction at the Eliseo Subiela School.

I started my career as a Tango dancer in the local ballet of San Martín town and with my partner Anibal Lautaro we formed a couple with international experience.

I am co-director of El Abrazo Tango Academy in Belgium, co-director of the Antwerpen Tango Festival and Official Preliminary of the World Championship of Tango BENELUX AND NORDIC COUNTRIES, co-director of the show 100% Tango.

I am a Yoga instructor recognized by the International Yoga Alliance. 200 and 300 Hrs YTT.

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